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Soliciting Questions from the Crowd, Looking for the Crowd to Rank Questions

by April 2, 2012
With our new EarthQ project, we are seeking questions for which lots of people would like to see high-quality answers. Take a moment to review the questions and share those that you'd like to see answered. Consider throwing your support behind a question, too, with a 99 cent donation. More »

Training the Cloud with the Crowd: Training A Google Prediction API Model Using CrowdFlower’s Workforce

by February 29, 2012
Want to see how people feel about the weather in San Diego, right now? Check out the weather sentiment prediction web app. Read about how Google Prediction API and Pulse data was used to train the cloud! More »

From Toilet to Treatment to Treatment to Tap in San Diego

by February 10, 2012
A San Diego community wrestles with drinking treated waste water and decides that it is a smart plan that is backed up by science. At a time when water is likely to be increasingly scarce, more communities will probably follow suit, even if this it is a hard concept to swallow. More »
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