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60 Seconds to Start to Answer, Why Dialogue Earth?

by March 12, 2011

As we work to develop partnerships and to garner support from individuals and organizations, we continually must answer the question, “Why Dialogue Earth?”

We are passionate about our mission to increase public understanding on societal topics, and believe very strongly in our strategy to understand the dialogue and to create relevant, trustworthy and engaging media.

After much deliberation (described in a post here), the Dialogue Earth team made the decision to turn to the crowd to help tell our story.

We received dozens of video entries from this crowd-sourced competition, offering a variety of styles and different takes on the core messaging we provided contestants.

It was a single-phase competition–video creators reviewed our overview document and, with no additional input from our team, they produced a video. In retrospect, we realize that video creators could have benefited from additional phases where we might have been able to provide feedback on concepts and language.

The video showcased in this post is the winning submission.

This video has several quality components. It is well-produced, and offers the very simple message that Dialogue Earth is working to “get the ball rolling” on quality dialogue about the environment.

We believe that, to effectively engage a mass audience, it is essential that science information is brought to life by a wide range of expert storytellers. This competition was another great learning experience for our team as we continue to optimize the process of working with the crowd.

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