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Energy Videos Set the Stage for Dialogue Earth Media Challenge

by April 18, 2011

We’re thrilled to showcase the videos from our most recent crowd-sourced video competition.

The purpose of these videos is to provide a basic understanding of energy–where we get it, how we move it around and how we use it–and to set the the stage for the upcoming Dialogue Earth Media Challenge, a year-long series of video competitions focused on energy topics.

The first place video, “Marvin and Sprinkles,” provides a fantastic example of the creativity that we believe is essential to effectively engage audiences on often complex societal issues.

Video creator Robert Deutsch also succeeds in conveying the core science information clearly and without advocacy.

This is our second pilot test in preparation for our Media Challenge series.  In our first competition, we worked with the crowd to create videos on the topic of ocean acidification.  Through that pilot, we successfully determined that crowd-sourced storytellers could accurately convey key science points, and could bring the science to life in ways that will engage diverse audiences without advocating for specific policies or actions.

For this pilot, our goals were to learn how the crowd would address a mainstream topic, and to test a multi-phased competition format.

We are pleased how well the creators who participated were able to convey the basics of how we source, distribute and utilize energy.

As for the multi-phase contest approach, we learned a tremendous amount about the value of providing creators opportunities to share concepts and script drafts with our team.

We are excited to build off our successful pilots and to gear up for the year-long Media Challenge, set to kick off this summer.

The other videos from our energy contest are shown below.  As always, you can watch these and other Dialogue Earth videos on our YouTube page.

“Uncle Sam’s Dinner,” by Henry Reich

“Energy Is Fun,” by Andre Ferreira

“Energy Is All Around Us,” by Cuyler Bryant

“Turbo Charged Earth,” by Jeffrey King

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