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So, Why Energy?? — The Rationale Behind Choosing Energy For Our Media Challenge

by April 19, 2011

For our upcoming, yearlong Media Challenge, we at Dialogue Earth wanted to choose a topic that is both of importance to our collective future and that is consistently on people’s minds.

Energy was a topic that fit very well with these considerations.

Through its varying forms, energy is a topic that most people think about and must make important decisions about on a daily basis. Whether strategizing about what day of the week you should fill up your gas tank — and if you should fill up all the way, for that matter — or remembering to turn off your lights in an unoccupied room to save money on that monthly electric bill.

The last examples are both concerns that most people think about in relation to their bank account balances, but topics of energy transcend our pocket books to concerns of national security, environmental impact, and our senses of equity and equality.

For most of us, these concerns can foment debates, with others or internally, causing us to even question our basic sense of morality.

There are many questions that can arise when thinking about or discussing topics related to energy, including:

  • What are alternative energy sources and what are their pros and cons?
  • What are the advantages to distributed energy production?
  • How do energy grids even work?
  • What are the risks associated with nuclear energy compared to its benefits?
  • What’s the life-cycle costs of various energy sources?

The answers to these questions can have great impacts on the decisions we make both on an individual and a societal scale. In our ten part energy series, we will be answering questions like these using highly-engaging videos.

We’ve already completed a pilot contest with the goal of giving some general information about different energy sources, delivery and consumption within the US. We were pleased with the results.

The sole purpose of these videos will be to give the public broadly accepted, unbiased content that does not advocate the viewer to take any particular action. Just the facts; we only wish to increase public understanding.

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