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Warming up, turning sour, losing breath: A Call for Dialogue

by May 2, 2011

In a recent blog post at Discover Magazine, Warming up, turning sour, losing breath, Carl Zimmer outlines some of the threats to the ocean and it’s related ecosystems posed by an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. He discusses the concept of a “triple whammy” put forth by environmental scientist Nicolas Gruber, who posited that three separate trends will equate to an impact greater than the sum of the parts: increased ocean warming, increased ocean acidification, and decreasing oxygen dissolved in the ocean.

Thus, it is of the utmost importance to have a clear dialogue that is backed by reliable, factual information, so that the situation can be properly assessed and we can move forward constructively to a solution.

At Dialogue Earth, that is precisely what inspires us, and through our efforts, we work to create engaging content that is built from a foundation of broadly-endorsed data. With the help of this fun and smart content, the dialogue around important societal issues, like the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide and even the resulting ocean acidification (see our pilot project), can remain informed.


Another very important topic that we are pushing to increase public understanding about is the nature of how people get the energy they use everyday.  Check out the details here.


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