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“Momentum” for Dialogue Earth

by May 11, 2011

We are thrilled that Dialogue Earth is featured in the most recent issue of Momentum magazine, an award-winning publication from the University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment.

momentum_dropshadow_300dpi While we work to optimize key aspects of our business—from the incentives we provide crowdsourced video creators, to the quality of the underlying data for Pulse, our social media analytics tool—we’re also rapdily ramping up our efforts to engage and broaden our base of supporters and collaborators.

Indeed, this Momentum feature piece comes at a great time for us.  There’s a ton going on.

Our Pulse tool is just about ready for prime time.  In a matter of weeks, we’ll have an version of Pulse that will provide daily information on the Twittersphere’s mood about the weather.  On the heels of that, we’ll be looking at Twitter chatter related to gas prices.

On the video production front, we’re learning as much as we can about what makes for an engaging video.  We just finished some analysis of viewership data from our video contest on ocean acidification. Soon, we’ll be digging into data from our recent energy video contest.  And, to make sure we’re best leveraging the creativity of the crowd, we’re going to be running a survey to ask creators, firsthand, what helps them produce great content.

Here’s to momentum!

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