Tell us about your question! We’ll either post it directly on the Questions page, or we’ll write back with a clarification question or two. Our goal is to post questions that are answerable and that will have lasting value. We will provide crisp, clear answers to complicated, science-based questions. We’re just getting started, yet we’re eager for your feedback along the way. Check out the Answers page for examples of the type of Q&A we envision taking on as part of EarthQ.

Once your question is posted we’ll let you know. Then spread the word to increase the EarthQ Rank for the question. The more times it is shared on Twitter, Facebook, etc., the faster it will bubble to the top of the priority list. Also, we need to fund the research on the question, and we’ll be looking for small ($0.99) donations to support the research. We hope you’ll contribute, too!

If you’re looking for an answer to a question like Does fracking harm the environment?, you’ll probably be better off heading over to Quora because the answer to that is going to be tied to the value system of the person who answers. Similarly, if you seek an answer to Was President Obama correct to reject (at least for now) the proposed Keystone XL pipeline?, we’re not going to be much help. If you’re looking for an answer to When will the world end?, well…good luck.

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