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EarthQ Core Business Model: Where Is the Sweet Spot?

by February 1, 2012

We're zeroing in on a business case for EarthQ, a question-and-answer project. Key elements point to tough yet answerable questions that require expert input. While questions that seek opinions from experts and others are important, they are not in the "sweet spot" for EarthQ, at least not initially. More »

Building A Knowledge Base About Ocean Acidification on Quora

by October 13, 2011

Quora aims quite simply to be the best possible resource for people who want answers to questions. With our newly dubbed "EarthQ" project, we aim to push the quality of Q&A related to the environment ever higher on Quora. More »

Putting Candidates and Others on the Spot About Global Warming

by September 29, 2011

An open dialogue built on mutual trust may provide the best way to jump-start the ongoing serious dialogue climate change demands from those who would lead our country. The campaign season makes such a dialogue timely…and urgent. More »

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